So What do we do with your history?
And what do we do with our history, with our historical objects? How do we interact with our iconography? How do we incorporate it into our contemporary life? How should we continue? This project is a journey through the different methods of portraiture, an art genre that complements the natural aspiration of man to perpetuate his appearance, to transcend, either as a symbol of authority, family memory, social or hallmark, and analyze its historical significance. The deconstruction of the iconic image of the Mochica portrait (the precedent of the representation of the human face in pre-Hispanic Peru) and its subsequent reconstruction using local as well as foreign references, for many known, generates a new iconography carrying meaning and signifiers of current Peruvian culture . And what do we do with our history?  That question leads us to the reflection of the different functions that have met -and come cumpliendo- human representation, always closely linked to the concept of identity and collective historical memory.